How to Get a New Smile with All-on-4®

If you are suffering from the embarrassment of missing teeth, you are not alone. Many experience tooth loss with age, and this can affect day-to-day interactions and activities. All-on-4® is a way to get an entire smile in just two dentist appointments!

All-on-4® is the process of using just four implants to replace your teeth. When the dentist replaces just one tooth, you need an implant to be placed first, and then a crown to be attached to the implant. When replacing all of your teeth, an individual implant is not necessary for each tooth replacement. Only four implants will be placed on the top for the upper teeth and four on the bottom for the lower teeth. These titanium implants will be attached to the jaw bone and serve as a foundation for your new set of teeth. These implants can support an entire set of teeth on their own. After the implants are placed, you will be given a temporary set of teeth until the implants are ready for the permanent teeth. Once the implants are ready, you will return for a second appointment and your permanent set of teeth will be placed. In just two easy visits, you can walk out of your dentist’s office with a complete smile!

Are you ready to get a brand new smile in just a few short visits? Your new smile will make you look and feel great again! You no longer have to worry about eating in public, or being embarrassed by your smile. Call us at Lake Dental today to set up a free consultation and find out if All-on-4® is the right fit for you!